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March 03, 2006


Momma Bee

Lots and lots of positive, healing energy coming to you from here...and now some sleepy energy, too. Insomnia, ugh. That totally sucks. I'm so glad you are feeling a bit more optomistic, though, and you're right, if progesterone is the issue, that is *so* easy to deal with -- messy and a bit of a hassle with the vaginal suppositories, but relatively easy and definitely painless. It also just makes you feel proactive to be on the prog when you get that BFP, so I highly recommend getting the rx when the time comes. It certainly can't hurt, and I'll be keeping everything crossed for you...


That's so sweet! I want to thank you as well for taking the time to comment on my blog. Our blogging community is so amazing. I have no idea what I'd do without you lovely ladies!

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