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March 20, 2006


One Half

Firstly congratulations on your birthday!!!

It seems that your decision to stay in town was the sensible one to do. If you had gone to Philadelphia you probably wouldn't have been able to fully relax as you would have been thinking about the missed u/s the whole time. I hope the ultrasound went fine yesterday?

Work for me is also totally stressing me out at the moment. And also I seem to have become a more introvert these past years. I think some people when they have a lot (or only some) misfortunes happenings in their lives become very protective about everything that has to do with themselves. I have become like that, even though I feel the need to "get it all out" at times...but for that I have my blog!

Thanks for your comment on my blog...I always like the hugs :-)

Take care and hugs back,



happy birthday!

it is strange how things work out in life...sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. i think understanding that while your first MC was awful it did allow you to meet your husband is fine. everything in life is a shade of grey. and i personally don't think things happen for a reason, but i do try and find the shade of grey that makes me feel better about the situtation.

so, how did the US go?


Happy belated birthday!

I ask myself those same questions all the time. I look back at my life and realize that there are many things that didn't turn out the way I wanted it to at the time, but it all led me to where I am now, and for that I'm extremely grateful. Miscarriage and this unfair struggle to have a child feels much harder to justify right now, but who knows what I will feel and tell myself in the years to come?

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