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March 31, 2006


Momma Bee

Your information is, indeed, correct. My levels were always "slighly" elevated, too, and even though my RE didn't feel that the early nature of my miscarriages were in-line with a true PAPs diagnosis, we decided to "err on the side of caution" and go with the heparin. It was a pain in the ass (really, the side, where I injected) but overall worth the peace of mind. Of course, my insurance covered most of the cost, so that helped, too. My progesterone non-pg tested fine, but always seemed to run a little low when pg, so the prog suppositories, messy or not, also helped in terms of peace of mind if nothing else.

Oh, I am so, so hopeful for you with all of this...enjoy John when he gets home. I haven't seen DH in a few days and am anxiously awaiting his return home tonight too!

Momma Bee

Umm, yeah, meant "slightly" not "slighly" but I'm sure you figured that out. :)


Glad to hear that John got to Beirut safely, and even more glad to hear that he'll be back with you very soon! I hope your call with the RE tomorrow provides some reassurance and a good idea of what steps to take next.

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